BBC One launches QR codes in The Good Cook

21 Jun 2011  |  Liz Jaques 
QR codes

The BBC is set to combine QR codes with The Good Cook TV series in a bid to offer viewers additional content via their mobile phones.

It will be the first UK cookery programme to feature QR codes - which can now be seen in newspaper ads and on out of home sites - offering recipes and details of ingredients featured in the show. The codes can be read by smartphones with cameras while viewers are watching the programme live or via BBC iPlayer, according to Broadcast.

Channel controller Danny Cohen said: "I want BBC1 to lead the way with interactivity and innovation so that we can keep engaging audiences in new ways. Viewers will find this a simple but useful tool to help them recreate the recipes they see on screen."

Newsline's regular commentator Simon Andrews pitched QR codes during the Dragons Den session at the IAB Mobile Engage last week. "Unfortunately the audience got carried away with then promise of NFC," he said. "We're big believers in NFC but there is a long way to go before its anywhere near mass market, while QR codes are ready for prime time.

"As part of the preparation for this session we found some new research from YouGov, showing that 40% of the population knew what a QR code was and 12% have snapped one with their mobile. Now 12% doesn't sound that many people but it's not far from the number of people who have iPhones in the UK.

"We think QR codes have great potential as a marketing tool - brands just need to explain what QR codes are and then delight people with what the QR leads to.".

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