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Everyone is talking about... Chatterboxing

15 Mar 2012 |  Liz Jaques 

A new survey by TV Licensing shows that 46% of 18 to 24 year olds are 'chatterboxing' - watching a programme on television while talking to others about it online, normally via a social media platform and a second screen.

However, the 25-34 year olds are catching up, with 43% now chatterboxing, while 31% of the the 35-44 age range are using second screens to have conversations about TV.

Of under 35s who use social media, 24% enjoy social media chatter about a live TV programme, while 19% try to watch important programmes live to avoid social media spoilers. Click here for the full TeleScope research (which also includes research on live v catch-up TV).

Social TV is a growing trend, with start ups such as Zeebox, Get Glue and Miso launching all the time.

This social TV infographic reveals a number of stats from the recent Grammy awards and the Super Bowl in the US, which include the Superbowl surpassed its Twitter records with 12,233 tweets per second and 43% of iPad owners are using their tablet all or most of the time while watching TV.

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