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MRG conference: Top line update on the media trading currencies

02 Dec 2011 |  Julie MacManus 

BARB's future focus is on measuring viewing on other devices. It is adding web TV measurement to a further 1000 panel homes next year and this could be the point at which it can start reporting  on viewing through laptops and PCs.

POSTAR is publishing its research from 22,000 respondents using GPS for 9 days each next year, providing insight into how people move around the world and the connections between out of home environments.

NRS will be launching the fusion of UKOM and NRS data in spring providing figures for the whole of 2011.  The data will be released on a quarterly basis, 2 weeks after the initial release of print readership data.

RAJAR have introduced an online data into the survey and increased the sample size to deal with data volatility.  The use of the online diary is rising from 1 in 6 respondents to 1 in 2, and enables further insights into non-linear listening. RAJAR will be investigating passive mobile measurement again to see if the technology is now capable of providing robust data.

TouchPoints 4 is being released in spring 2012 and will provide new insights into word of mouth, VOD, gaming, social networking, tablet use, use of apps and mobile. It now has over 60 subscribers with all of the top 20 agencies now subscribing. The pilot study for TouchPoints USA was published earlier in the year.

UKOM will shortly announce a measurement partner from 2013 who will be tasked with extending the remit beyond measuring people's home and work fixed internet usage to add other location usage and mobile using a combination of server data and panel research.

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