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Who won the Metro?

30 Jul 2014 |  Ellen Hammett 
Who won the Metro?

Have you ever wondered which ads placed in the national newspapers are the most effective at engaging readers? Newsline has partnered with Lumen Research to find out.

You'd be no true Brit if you could refuse the sweet, artery-clogging scent of processed sausage rolls, and this week's Metro audience fell straight into the greasy clutches of the nation's favourite baker.

Lured in by one of Greggs finest baguettes (handmade with love and care), 88% of the paper's readers salivated like Pavlov's dogs for a whopping 3.8 seconds - two seconds longer than expected, according to Lumen Research.

With a plethora of bright colours, comic sans-esque fonts and budget-friendly meal deals, for almost four whole seconds readers genuinely believed that Greggs really does freshly prepare every sandwich in every shop, every day.


According to Lumen's founder, Mike Follett, a clear and simple design with an appealing picture of prepared food gets attention (because we are greedy), alongside short and clear text that requires little effort to read (because we are lazy), and a good deal (because economic crisis).

And that is why Gregg's, purveyor of all things grease, carbs and miscellaneous chunks of meat, has been at the heart of the nation since 1939.

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Have you ever wondered which ads placed in the national newspapers are the most effective at engaging readers? Newsline has partnered with Lumen Research to find out.
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