Audiotrack is the dedicated radio audio distribution service created by Mediatel and powered by J-ET, the UK radio industry’s trading system, which is jointly owned by the IPA and the Radiocentre. Its seamless process reduces administration and drives efficiencies providing an alternative, cost-effective audio delivery service for agencies. It has unique features such as a dashboard that gives total visibility of all campaigns which means advanced warning of upcoming campaigns. Campaign details are automatically verified against the media booking, ensuring complete playout accuracy. All of this is supported by unrivalled client servicing from industry experts.

With years of experience running J-ET and providing efficiencies at the planning/buying stage, Mediatel created Audiotrack to make the radio distribution process simpler, quicker and more cost effective for all, ensuring correct playout from planning to when it airs. The unique ability to integrate with the J-ET system makes the process efficient and error free.

Mediatel are now partnered with Peach, the industry's first provider of online radio audio distribution services, to bring the benefit of the combined experience, technologies and relationships of both organisations to the industry.

Audiotrack offers unique benefits:

  • Industry powered and trusted
  • Accuracy and peace of mind
  • Saving time and money
  • Designed to make radio simpler

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