Mediatel Connected

Mediatel Connected aggregates dozens of media data sources along with information sourced directly from thousands of media channels.

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The UK's most comprehensive display advertising database covering more than 10,000 publications. The only tool which pulls together all the latest industry accredited online and offline metrics alongside information sourced directly from publishers.

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Media landscape

An overview of the UK advertising marketplace illustrating the shifting media landscape through trends in media usage, consumer behaviour, revenue and forecasts.

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A unique planning and mapping tool aggregating data on the available media in any region of the UK alongside the population's demographic profile. Includes: publications; radio stations; out of home; cinemas and door drop media.

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Essential industry data from the TV, Sponsorship, Radio and Cinema markets, including viewing, listening and box office figures, revenues and audience profiles.

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Connected AV

Key data on the evolving UK TV market including VOD trends, market reports and availability of TV services by device and platform.

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Connected surveys

A simple yet powerful tool which makes quick work of interrogating thousands of statements from four key industry surveys about the connected consumer. Includes Mediatel's exclusive Connected Screens survey, which tracks the impact of screens and platform technologies on media usage.

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A comprehensive guide to Direct Mail and Doordrop with reports, insights, data and pricing guides, as well as industry case studies.

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Who uses Mediatel Connected?

Simple-to-use and intuitive, it is used by over 3,000 media professionals across more than 200 companies to assimilate the data required to plan media, analyse trends and make fully informed decisions quickly and easily.

Subscribers include almost all the UK's top 50 media agencies but also many much smaller ones. Media owners across print, online, TV, radio and out of home also subscribe along with advertisers, media analysts, PR and media auditors, management consultants and universities.

"With all negotiation I believe it's the person with the most knowledge that has the upper hand, and Mediatel has an endless amount of knowledge!" - Senior Account Manager, Accord