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Mediatel's Newsline is an open-access thought leadership site. It provides regular opinion pieces from leading figures in the media industry, including former Times and FT Media Correspondent, Raymond Snoddy; the ex-BBC media correspondent, Torin Douglas; Tracey Follows; Futurist and founder of AnyDayNow, and the former editor of Campaign magazine, Dominic Mills.

The editorial team aims to create debate via thought leaders who understand the extensive media marketplace and are willing to challenge the status quo on key, topical subjects.

Other content includes data-led reports with a special focus on key data releases for each media, including NRS, ABC and RAJAR, as well as daily comment, research and analysis on media news.

"There are a hundred and two things I could read every week, but I always take time to read Ray Snoddy, Dominic Mills and Mediatel's weekly round up. Punchy, opinion forming, insightful." Nick Hewat, Commercial Director, Guardian News and Media

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