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Mediatel Connected and BRAD proudly work with thousands of media owners to showcase their media entities to the media buying UK population.

The Mediatel family of data products are used on a constant basis by its media agency subscriber base to plan media advertising space. It is subscribed to by x% of the UK media agencies responsible for x of UK media adspend, is unique and unrivalled in the depth of data it displays.

As a media owner, having your media entities, whether they are publications, TV or radio stations or outdoor sites included, means you are under the noses of the key buying media population at the point that they make their commercial decisions. And we include all media owners details for FREE! So all that exposure for no expense.

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We contact you ever 6 months to ensure that we have all the correct contact and rates information. We won’t spam you or sell on your details, and your information is purely listed for your commercial benefit, for free, in Mediatel and BRAD.

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New to us? Contact the to include your publications, radio stations, TV stations and OOH on Mediatel or BRAD, Already listed? Log in here (links to online updating page) or for your username and password