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Mediatel Connected Screens tracker

Mediatel Connected Screens tracker

The Connected Screens Tracker survey monitors consumer adoption and usage of relevant media technology with a focus on connected screens. Results, data and insights are available exclusively within the Mediatel Connected tool.

The tracker approaches media consumption from the perspective of the consumers themselves, giving a user-centric view of how adoption of screens and platform technology is driving high level media usage.

The future of media lies in understanding exactly how consumers interact with the range of screens they encounter in their daily lives, from the smallest screens in their hands to the largest digital outdoor screenage. Uniquely, the Connected Screen tracker will encompass the whole continuum of screens - the 5 screens:

  • Digital outdoor screens
  • Television screens
  • PCs, macs, laptop screens
  • Tablets
  • Smartphone

The Connected Screens Tracker began first fieldwork in September 2014, with first data live in January 2015.

The core survey consists of a tracker conducted with:

  • 2000 adults in broadband homes per wave aged 16+
  • Two waves per year, each spread evenly across a six-month period, allowing year-long tracking of consumer trends.
  • Fieldwork is conducted by our fieldwork partner Alligator research ( from their representative access panel of UK consumers.

The survey design has been developed in conjunction with the independent consultant Richard Marks of Research The Media, a respected name in UK and international media research with a 27 year track record in media research.

Any questions on the survey, please contact Anne Tucker at Mediatel on or 020 7420 3252