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Mediatel Connected

Connected Surveys

A simple yet powerful tool which makes quick work of interrogating thousands of statements from four key industry surveys about the connected consumer. Includes Mediatel's exclusive Connected Screens survey, which tracks the impact of screens and platform technologies on media usage.


  • Up to 15 reporting periods available to trend
  • Cut all responses by demographics
  • Covers PC, laptop, mobile, tablet, TV, digital outdoor screens plus other connected devices
  • Filter responses by advertising behaviour, access to devices/platforms, operating systems used and media subscriptions
  • Search questions by category or keyword

Data includes

  • 4 key industry surveys
  • All screens
  • All media
  • 600+ questions

A few examples

Connected Devices

Connected devices

Smartphone Age Profile

Smartphone age profiles

Netflix Viewing Trends

Netflix viewing trends

Newspaper App Usage

Newspaper app usage

Outdoor Video Advertising

Outdoor video advertising

Music Streaming

Music via streaming device

Sources: BARB, Mediatel Connected Screens, Ofcom, YouGov

Connected Surveys includes

Mediatel's Connected Screens: Understand how consumers are now accessing media and advertising content across all the screens they encounter in their daily lives. From TVs, PCs/laptops, tablets and smartphones to digital outdoor screens, it is the only tracker linking media usage to these screens from a media agnostic perspective. Represents 16+ UK adults in broadband households. Published twice annually.

Ofcom Technology Tracker: Provides a continuous understanding of consumer behaviour in the UK communications markets. Monitors changes and assesses the degree and success of competition. Represents all adults 16+. Published twice annually.

BARB Establishment Survey: Carried out on a continuous basis, involving some 53,000 interviews per year, the survey ensures that any changes taking place in the population and TV consumption can be identified so that the BARB panel can be updated and adjusted to ensure that it continues to reflect the television-owning population. Represents 4+ UK individuals. Published quarterly.

YouGov Connected TV Tracker: Looks at consumers' attitudes towards connecting to the internet through their televisions, the devices they use to do so and what content they consume. Represents British adults 18+. Published quarterly.

To have survey data on hand at the touch of a button, plus information on device usage are things we're finding invaluable as a time poor agency. Planning Director - Manning Gottlieb OMD

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