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MediaTel Staff 

WBTV Launch May Be Delayed

Warner Brothers' new cartoon and entertainment channel WBTV may not launch on Friday as was originally scheduled *Sky Unveils More New Channels.

The channel, part of the new Autumn launches which Sky 2, Sky Sports 3 and GSB were part of, was due to be carried via the Astra satellite which is part-owned by Rupert Murdoch. WBTV however is owned by Ted Turner, the American media giant, and according to speculation the old rivalry between these two means that Murdoch is refusing to allow WBTV to broadcast on the Astra system. This is seen by some as tit-for-tat for Turner's refusal to carry Murdoch's Fox News channel in New York. Amongst his many media interests Turner owns the rival 24-hour news channel CNN.

BSkyB and Warner Brothers were unavailable for comment.

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