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MediaTel Staff 

Radio Considered Most Active In Promoting Effectiveness

Radio is the most active medium in promoting evidence of its effectiveness as an advertising tool, according to a new report from independent research company Ocean Consulting.

The report, which is based on research carried out by NOP, shows that 40% of agency/advertiser customers believe that radio is doing the most to demonstrate its effectiveness, well ahead of TV with 20%, national press with 10% and outdoor with 8%.

Just 7% of respondents feel that the internet is doing enough to promote itself as an effective advertising medium, while 3% believe that magazines and direct mail are successfully getting their message across.

The report shows that understanding the effectiveness of each part of the marketing mix is becoming an increasingly important in justifying ad spend and 58% of respondents named the RAB as the most successful organisation in measuring the contribution of each element of the overall advertising process.

Respondents were found to be divided on the ability of TV to continue as the dominant medium in delivering effective advertising, with 70% of advertisers saying that they find TV "very useful" compared with just 17% of agencies.

Overall, advertisers and agencies were found to strongly support the use of a mix of different marketing channels and the diversity of marketing opportunities that they allow.

Ocean Consulting: 020 7480 5474

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