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TV accounts for 63% of global ad spend in 2012

22 Apr 2013  |  Ellen Hammett 

Global ad spend reached $350 billion in 2012 - representing a 4.3% year-on-year increase - with TV accounting for almost two thirds of the overall revenue.

According to Nielsen's quarterly Global AdView Pulse report, TV accounted for 62.8% of global ad revenue last year, demonstrating the medium's efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to advertising.

Though newspaper and magazine spend decreased - down -1.6% and -0.2%, respectively - they maintained second and third places based on a share of overall ad spend. Newspapers accounted for almost 20% and magazines accounted for 8%, proving that they remain major platforms in which advertisers choose to communicate with consumers.

Display Internet advertising experienced the fastest growth across all mediums at almost 10%, followed by outdoor advertising, which saw a 7.7% growth.

Cinema ad spend also experienced an increase in revenue - up 6% over the year - though overall, accounted for just 0.3% of the 2012 global spend.

"With 63% of ad revenue being spent to advertise on TV, it's clear that the medium is widely regarded as the most efficient and effective way to reach consumers, continuing to grow especially in emerging markets," said Randall Beard, Global Head, Advertiser Solutions for Nielsen.

"As we move into 2013, we'll be monitoring which regions, sectors and media types continue to drive global advertising, and which emerge and propel the industry to new heights."

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