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BARB showcases new insight into time shift viewing

12 Sep 2013  |  David Pidgeon 

In what is described as a global first, BARB, the UK provider of TV viewing figures, is now reporting time-shift data that reveals how TV viewing builds in the four weeks following broadcast.

The news has been welcomed by broadcasters who are keen to offer a fuller picture of the true reach of TV programming.

Although seven-day consolidated viewing - the UK's airtime trading currency - still represents over 98% of total viewing, the 8-28 days time-shifted viewing data for all programmes and commercials broadcast during July reveals an additional 1.5% in total viewing.

Further analysis shows that 8-28 days time-shifted viewing is most prevalent within ABC1 households and among 25-44 year old adults.

Some programmes, BARB notes, are seeing an increase of as much as 15% in total audience, with the highest increments likely to be for drama, film and children's programming. Equally, some programmes, such as news and sport, see little or no increase.

The release of the figures is set to allow commissioners, schedulers and media planners to examine how different demographics behave and how time-shifting affects different channels and programme genres.


BARB's analysis shows how the final episode of Broadchurch on ITV achieved a combined consolidated audience of 9.89 million viewers. Including viewers watching more than seven days after broadcast, this increases to 10.13 million, an increase of 2.4% on the consolidated audience.

Likewise, viewing to the final episode of Doctor Who on BBC1 rose from 7.45 million to 7.89 million, an increase of 5.8%, with the final episode of Arrow (season one) on Sky 1 increasing by 14.5% from 1.30 million to 1.49 million.

"We are delighted that BARB is working towards producing data that gives us a more complete view of the reach of our programmes," said Danny Cohen, director of television, BBC.

"Initiatives such as this, alongside the recently announced TV player report for online viewing, are the type of advancements we need in the industry. While it is clear the traditional schedule remains core to many viewers, we need to be mindful of how behaviour is changing".

Justin Sampson, chief executive of BARB, added: "Change is all around us. Watching what we want, when we want has never been easier. BARB continues to innovate so that we can reflect all elements of modern day behaviour."

The 8-28 days viewing is not included within current Total TV viewing published estimates and does not contribute towards official channel share.

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