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Havas and Sky Media “crack code” on mobile ad measurement

21 Nov 2014  |  Ellen Hammett 
Havas and Sky Media “crack code” on mobile ad measurement

New research from Havas Media Group and Sky Media has revealed the effectiveness of mobile when it comes to building brands - with awareness more than doubling after mobile consumers viewed ads from participating brands.

The research, which included two live tests that analysed real world ad campaigns in a live environment, alongside two lab tests, saw brand awareness increase by 54% after mobile consumers viewed ads from Nationwide, Dominos and Birds Eye - with combined brand perception across all three brands recording a 13% uplift from the non-exposed to the exposed group of respondents.

Native mobile ads were considered to be "more relevant and engaging" than standard banner ads, due to causing less irritation while managing to retain strong cut-through levels.

The research also found that a consumer's mood and mindset can drive message absorption and enhance brand effects. Call to action increased by 70% for those who were more enthusiastic and excited at the point of ad exposure to the Birds Eye banner.

In terms of mobile display and brand salience, Dominos saw a 25% uplift in agreement that 'Dominos is a brand for people like me,' while purchase consideration for Birds Eye increased by 7%.

72% of those exposed to the Dominos mobile display ad claimed that they took action as a result of exposure.

"There is no question of the importance of mobile devices to consumers which in turn translates to brands, making research into mobile effectiveness never more important," said Sorcha Garduce, digital insight director at Havas Media.

"This study highlights that brands can utilise mobile advertising as part of their communications strategy to influence both 'soft' and 'hard' brand metrics, moving consumers along their brand journey."

Sky Media's head of futures, David Fisher, added: "Standard mobile advertising formats clearly work, but brands should consider more advanced high impact and native formats to produce even greater engagement.

"This research is evidence that exciting new format opportunities in the right environment can deliver vastly enhanced brand metrics."

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Martin Ash, Director, Millward Brown on 24 Nov 2014
“Good stuff! This fits with the extensive testing Millward Brown have been doing in mobile-effectiveness space. From the 300+ mobile campaigns we've tested we see mobile having a significant effect on awareness through to purchase. Far greater impact than other online channels. Interesting finding around native ads though; pertinent but I think this would require more quant learning to truly understand the role of Native in the mobile ad space.”
James Edwards, Marketing Manager, Mercedes on 21 Nov 2014
“Good stuff. Just goes to show it can be done!”