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Ellen Hammett 

Magnetic now open for business

Magnetic now open for business

Sue Todd, CEO of Magnetic

New magazine marketing agency Magnetic has today opened its doors to advertisers as it looks to show the growing power and influence of magazine media.

The launch is being supported by a new study called 'The Rules of Attraction', conducted by Crowd DNA, which looks to offer new evidence that magazines are benefiting from the changing media landscape.

The study, conducted over two years with 15,000 magazine consumers, showed that the number of readers engaging in daily magazine consumption increased from 12% to 22% over the period.

Multi-platform usage was also found to "significantly strengthen" perceived value and influence among readers, with 71% of 'super-users' (those defined as consuming magazine media content via print plus at least one screen) saying that magazine media gives them ideas and inspiration, while 38% said that they acted on ideas within their preferred brand.

"We believe that magazine media is growing in power and influence as consumers demand more compelling content which inspires ideas and helps them make choices in an increasingly cluttered world," said Sue Todd, chief executive, Magnetic.

"We are also seeing more and more evidence of what we are calling 'media mindfullness' around magazine content. People give their full and undivided attention to this one media experience, something that is highly attractive to advertisers."

Todd added that while there is more work to do to work with advertisers to explore how best to "take advantage" of the shifts that are taking place, the study deomnstrates how demand for magazine media content is changing.

"It is also important to recognise that despite the growing number of channels of distribution, certain truths about magazines strengthen around their immense ability to inspire and influence," she said.

Members include Bauer Media, H Bauer, Haymarket, Dennis Publishing, Immediate Media, Time Inc, Hearst - with Shortlist Media, Redwood and Condé Nast joining this week.

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