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Ellen Hammett 

Millward Brown: Cinema beats TV on media ROI for efficiency

Millward Brown: Cinema beats TV on media ROI for efficiency

Cinema has 20 times the media return on investment for efficiency, per person, compared with TV, according to new research carried out by Digital Cinema Media (DCM) and Millward Brown.

Unveiled at DCM's annual Upfronts event at BAFTA on Monday, the study revealed that cinema delivers 5.4% media ROI for every £1m invested, and, alongside magazines, is the most successful media at driving consideration for brands.

Cinema was also found to be one of the strongest contributors of brand awareness per person, as well as magazines and TV, meaning that consumers are more likely to recall a brand when prompted by an idea relating to a retailer or category choice.

"According to the latest IPA Touchpoints 6 data, 87% of all adults now consume media simultaneously and brands are experiencing intense competition due to this 'attention deficit'," said DCM CEO Karen Stacey.

"Understanding how each media channel captures attention, emotion and a point of difference for brands is more important than ever. So we have partnered with Millward Brown and invested in CrossMedia measurement for the long-term."

The study, which is part of an ongoing measurement programme with Millward Brown, represents a significant investment for DCM, on behalf of the cinema industry, totalling more than £1m over the first three years alone.

Drawing on the combined learnings of 183 Millward Brown CrossMedia European case studies, with almost half from the UK, the study explores how each media performs against the five key metrics proven to drive brand value and sales growth: Brand Salience, Brand Love, Brand Consideration, Brand Difference and Brand Recommendation.

Cinema also scored well for brand difference (brands that are seen as 'different'), delivering the biggest contribution per person reached - and with five times more efficiency than online video.

Vincent Blaney, European brand director, media & digital, Millward Brown, said: "Our CrossMedia analysis shows that campaigns with more touchpoints tend to have greater impact and drive long-term value as each media has its own role to play and often amplifies the performance of other media.

"Looking at the brand impact of exposure to cinema advertising in particular, clearly demonstrates that cinema media delivers significant, and in some cases unbeatable, contributions to some of the most important brand metrics - ultimately leading to more powerful and profitable global brands."

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