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David Pidgeon 

40% of mobile users wish the ads were more creative

40% of mobile users wish the ads were more creative

A new study from adtech firm Quantcast has concluded that advertisers need to deliver more creative and relevant mobile advertising "or risk losing consumer engagement entirely."

The report, carried out by Censuswide with Quantcast data, explores the mobile habits of more than 3,000 consumers in the UK, France and Germany.

It reveals that 37% of consumers "expect" mobile adverts to be more relevant than on other devices (while 35% disagreed, and 28% gave no comment), while 40% say they wish mobile ads were more creative (with 32% disagreeing, 28% giving no comment).

For younger people, aged between 16-34, the report states that expectations are higher - with 47% and 51% demanding more relevancy and creativity, respectively.

59% of consumers said that they would be more accepting of mobile advertising if it was relevant to them.

However, one of the main gripes the report uncovered was the interruption of personal time.

Currently 51% of consumers find mobile adverts more intrusive than adverts received on their desktop or tablet, while almost half admit that advertising received on their mobile phones that is not relevant to them negatively impacts their overall perception of a brand.

"By 2018, more time will be spent accessing the Internet on mobile devices than on all other devices combined," said Matt White, UK managing director, Quantcast.

"For advertisers, connecting with consumers while they are on their mobile phones is becoming a must-do, not a nice to do. But what our research shows is that the majority of brands are currently missing the mark with their mobile ad.

"There is a huge pool of potential buyers behind those screens, but brands need to act now and appropriately engage with the mobile-generation by putting relevancy and creativity at the centre of their mobile strategies."

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