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Niall Johnson 

Game of Thrones resurrection tops Monday's TV Twitter Chart

Game of Thrones resurrection tops Monday's TV Twitter Chart

Monday night saw the sixth series of punishing death show Game of Thrones continue on Sky Atlantic, with the third episode in the current run continuing to outpace each previous outing.

The series opened three weeks ago, with 791,000 viewers tuning in live for the 9pm showing in a hope to discover the fate of Jon Snow, one of the few remaining main characters left standing.

Last week's venture into highly addictive bout of misery and disappointment only saw more questions being thrown onto the fire (pun intended) with last week's 9pm showing securing a similar audience of 752,000 viewers.

After two episodes of build-up, yesterday's anticipated return to the seriously troubled land of Westeros actually brought a lot of pay off and finally threw out some answers for long-suffering fans, helping the show top the TV Twitter Chart with one or two nasty surprises.

778,000 viewers tuned in to see a severe management shake-up at Castle Black, disposing of a number of long-running characters in one mightily satisfying fell swoop, resulting in a 4% share for Sky Atlantic.

Meanwhile, ITV was offering up its own brand of violence and general mayhem at 9pm as the completely barmy world of Marcella careered towards the finish line.

The sixth of eight episodes saw Anna Friel's 'special' detective deal with some pretty dark stuff while attempting to track down the murderer of a young girl while dealing with the fact she is completely mental.


Last night's descent into silly but fun psychological thrills secured the 9pm slot for ITV with 4.5 million viewers and a 22% share.

At the same time there was some psychedelic, slightly educational, fun to be had over on BBC One, as David Attenborough celebrated his 90th birthday with his latest gorgeously crisp HD offering.

Attenborough's Life That Glows (9pm) saw the naturalist point his magical mini cameras towards the world of bioluminescence, treating viewers to a one-off hour of visual splendour.

An audience of 1.8 million viewers tuned in to see the impressive glowing capabilities of cave larvae, deep sea creatures, fireflies and boring old glow worms (it'd be just rude not to include them), with the prime time spectacle securing a 9% share for BBC One.

Slightly less interesting was Channel 4's What Britain Buys at 9pm, an intense look at what... people buy. 1.2 million viewers and a 6% share tuned in to see where our weekly spend of £6.7bn goes (spoiler: mostly on gratuitous shite).

Channel 5's eight part propaganda piece The Tube: Going Underground came to an end at the same time with 1.1 million viewers tuning in to find out how relatable and cuddly TFL is, resulting in a 5% share.

BBC One's hour of prime time comedy had mixed results, with Peter Kay's Comedy Shuffle bringing in 3.4 million viewers at 9pm while I Want My Wife Back secured just 1.8 million viewers and a 9% share at 9:30pm.

10pm on BBC Two saw the début of David Mitchell and Ben Elton's new Shakespeare collaboration, Upstart Crow with the comedy about the writer trying to make it in London bringing in 1.3 million viewers and an 8% share.

Earlier at 8pm, Peggy Mitchell's return on EastEnders brought in 6.1 million viewers and a 31% share, followed by Invictus Games 2016 at 8:30pm which netted 2.9 million.

BBC Two's Choose the Right Puppy for You was watched by 1.8 million at 8pm, while ITV's Wild Australia with Ray Mears brought in 2.7 million viewers.

Earlier at 7pm Emmerdale secured 5.2 million viewers and a 31% share while the 7:30pm trip to Coronation Street took Monday's top spot with 6.1 million viewers and a 31% share, narrowly beating BBC's London soap.

The second trip to Weatherfield at 8:30pm saw the audience slip to 5.8 million viewers and a 28% share.

Overnight data is available each morning in's TV Database, with all BARB registered subscribers able to view reports for terrestrial networks and key multi-channel stations. Overnight data supplied by TRP are based on 15 minute slot averages. This may differ from tape checked figures, which are based on a programme's actual start and end time.

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