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Niall Johnson 

UKOM comScore MMX - March 2016

UKOM comScore MMX - March 2016

After February brought a jump of almost 800,000 users, March saw the UK's desktop-using online population remain steady. A total of 46,533,000 people accessed the internet throughout the month, with the gender split working out as 51% of users male and 49% female.


The majority of those online throughout March came from households of two people (32%) followed by a household of four, which accounted for 22%. The smallest online household group in the UK was homes with just one occupant, which came in at 10%.

Household-sizecomScore subscribers can see further breakdowns in the monthly online users by demographic report.

Top newspaper brands

Mail Online

continued to be the number one online newspaper destination for the UK's desktop-based users, totalling at 10.8 million unique visitors despite a month on month fall of -1.5%.

The DMG Media-owned site boasted a 23% reach across all those online, with each user accessing Mail Online for an average of 43 minutes throughout the month.

News UK's Sun Online celebrated the biggest percentage increase, up by 17.6%, which translates to an additional 471,000 users. Mirror Online netted the biggest actual increase, rising by nearly half a million users (9.7%) while Telegraph Media Group suffered the biggest actual loss, down by 289,000 (-3.5%) in March.

Top newspaper brands - unique visitors March 2016
UK rank Site Mar 16 (000s) Feb 16 (000s) Change (000s) % Change
41 Mail Online / Daily Mail [P] 10,785,000 10,946,000 -161,000 -1.5
58 The Guardian [P] 8,568,000 8,340,000 228,000 2.7
65 Telegraph Media Group [P] 7,951,000 8,240,000 -289,000 -3.5
108 Independent & Evening Standard (ESi Media) [P] 5,593,000 5,467,000 126,000 2.3
123 Mirror Online [M] 5,229,000 4,765,000 464,000 9.7
183 Newsquest Media Group [M] 3,865,000 3,808,000 57,000 1.5
243 The Sun Online [M] 3,143,000 2,672,000 471,000 17.6
258 Johnston Press Plc [P] 2,961,000 2,948,000 13,000 0.4
299 EXPRESS.CO.UK [M] 2,629,000 2,305,000 324,000 14.1
346 METRO.CO.UK [M] 2,274,000 2,254,000 20,000 0.9
Source: comScore MMX desktop users UK approved by UKOM
Note: category custom defined for Mediatel


Top retail properties

American digital retail giant Amazon continued to soar head and shoulders above its rivals in the UK, with 24.2 million desktop-based users visiting the site, putting it ahead of its closest competitor, eBay, by over 6 million visitors.

This month on month increase of 9% translated to an increase of over 2 million visitors for Amazon, resulting in an impressive 52% reach while each user had an average of 7 sessions each.

While not as noticeable, another American company had a percentage increase over March with Wal-Mart, the multinational owner of Asda seeing an 18% rise, resulting in 4.5 million visitors.

Sainsburys managed to secure an 18.9% rise but this only translates to a jump of 401,000 users while Tesco Stores was the only site in the top ten to see a fall, down just -0.6% (-43,000 users) resulting in a total of 7.3 million visitors.

Top retail properties - unique visitors March 2016
UK rank Site Mar 16 (000s) Feb 16 (000s) Change % Change
10 Amazon Sites [P] 24,189,000 22,148,000 2,041,000 9.2
22 eBay [P] 18,140,000 17,342,000 798,000 4.6
63 Home Retail Group [P] 8,064,000 7,594,000 470,000 6.2
73 Tesco Stores [P] 7,289,000 7,332,000 -43,000 -0.6
159 Wal-Mart [P] 4,525,000 3,846,000 679,000 17.7
180 John Lewis Partnership [P] 3,949,000 3,619,000 330,000 9.1
181 Dixons Retail Plc. [P] 3,948,000 3,823,000 125,000 3.3
193 Marks&Spencer [P] 3,742,000 3,316,000 426,000 12.8
221 NEXT Group [P] 3,383,000 3,058,000 325,000 10.6
319 Sainsburys [P] 2,522,000 2,121,000 401,000 18.9
Source: comScore MMX desktop users UK approved by UKOM
Note: category custom defined for Mediatel

RetailFurther breakdowns and reports can found in Mediatel's Online database.comScore is the industry's leading online media planning solution and is endorsed by UKOM as the UK standard for online audience measurement. To learn more about services and to gain access to the full set of data, please click here to contact comScore.


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