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Consumer ABCs: Round-up

16 Aug 2018  |  Newsline Staff 
Consumer ABCs: Round-up

As the latest ABC circulation figures are released for the consumer magazine market, Newsline presents its round-up of the results. Click on the links to view the full analysis for each market, which also includes league tables and charts for Mediatel subscribers.

Women's Lifestyle

Following a 6.5% period-on-period boost, John Lewis Edition climbed back into the top spot in the women's lifestyle market, according to the latest ABC circulation figures.

The freebie now has a circulation of 475,400, although over the year the title was down -2.4%.

Meanwhile, Hearst's Good Housekeeping was down -5.9% to 428,800 (-2.5% year-on-year), while Shortlist Media's Stylist was up slightly (+0.9%) to 403,900 (+0.7% YoY).

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Men's Lifestyle

No title in the men's lifestyle category was able to grow overall circulation figures in the first half of 2018.

That said, most declines were slight with the exception of Men's Health (which needs to work on its abs following a significant -16.9% decline period-on-period and a -16.4% decline year-on-year).

The title, published by Hearst-Rodale, has a circulation of 146,000 across print and digital.

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Women's Weeklies

2018 opened with widespread declines in the women's weeklies market.

In the middle of the rankings, Bauer Media's Bella was the only title to record positive growth figures in H1, with a 1.3% period-on-period increase and a nearly 3% increase year-on-year. The mag has a total circulation of 166,200.

Take A Break Monthly (Series) managed to record an impressive 9.1% increase YoY, but was down -15.3% PoP to 180,000.

Meanwhile, the rest of the market only recorded declines.

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News & Current Affairs

The Economist UK remains Britain's most popular news and current affairs title, recording a steady 5.2% period-on-period increase and a nearly 8% increase year-on-year. The title has a circulation 267,300.

Meanwhile, Private Eye follows closely behind with a circulation figure of nearly 235,000 - however, it had a bad start to the year and reported a -4.8% PoP and -6% YoY decline.

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TV Listings

Although the TV Listings magazine market is in decline, and circulations naturally drop post-Christmas, the top titles still perform well.

Bauer's TV Choice continues to lead the market with a circulation - entirely in print - of 1.17 million. Period-on-period circulation decreased by only -2%, and was down nearly -3% year-on-year.

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Home Interest

RHS Media's The Garden continues to lead the home interest magazine market with an overall circulation of almost 435,000, more than twice that of its closest competitor. The title remained steady with minimal growth, up 0.7% period-on-period and 2.3% on this time last year.

In second place is Immediate Media's Gardeners World which recorded one of the highest PoP increases in the market, up 18.5% to a circulation of 208,453 though recording no year-on-year change.

Country Living, published by Hearst, suffered small declines, down -3.4% PoP and -1.7% YoY to a circulation of 184,156.

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