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Scarlett O'Donoghue 

Lush comes top in customer experience study

Lush comes top in customer experience study

UK customers say that Lush, Netflix and John Lewis offer the best customer experiences, according to a new study.

C Space, Omnicom's global customer agency, has released Customer, Experienced which reveals the emotional cues that drive where and why people choose to spend, and links those factors to company growth.

The findings show that companies which display the same emotional cues that people value in human relationships - such as loyalty, making people feel smart, and ongoing dialogue - outperform companies that don't engage consumers into emotionally connected experiences.

"Choices are made in the context of a customer’s experience – past, present and future," said Charles Trevail, CEO of C Space.

"It stands to reason that customers choose companies that offer better experiences – who meet our emotional needs as well as our functional ones. Companies that connect with who we want to be, not who the data says we were.

"It follows, therefore, that company growth comes from understanding and designing for people - the emotions they feel, the daily decisions they make, the challenges they face, and everything that happens in between."

UK Top 10

2. Netflix
3. John Lewis
4. First Direct
7. Ocado
8. Disney
9. Virgin Atlantic
10. IKEA

Additionally, these cues are linked to increased volume and frequency in sales, which also drive recommendations.

"Our research shows that mapping emotional cues on to customer experience is the key to competitive advantage and growth," Trevail said.

"The companies that customers rate most highly are the ones that understand relevance, what to stand for and when to listen.

"If a customer believes a company is ‘getting it right’ they are more likely to behave in ways that help drive growth through repeat purchase, recommendation and loyalty."

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