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Vanessa Zard 

Millennials finally get to neg someone else

Millennials finally get to neg someone else

It appears every generation ends up nurturing a disdain for the those set to follow - and now new research reveals what Millennials think of the Gen Z as the latter finally enters the workforce.

According to a survey of 2,000 business decision makers, conducted by B2B International, 61% of Millennials believe Gen Z place a higher importance on money, while more than half think Gen Z are less open to teamwork.

However opinions were not limited to the negative, with 46% of respondents agreeing that Gen Z have longer attention spans than Millennials.

“It seems that, no matter what generation you are born into, you’re likely to view youngsters as being somewhat workshy," said Conor Wilcock, director at B2B International.

"But is this really the case? I don’t believe so."

Wilcock added that as Gen Z is the first generation to have grown up entirely in the digital era, businesses should make it their responsibility to use their skillset to their advantage.

75% of Chinese employers view both Millennials and Gen Z as more vital to their futures than previous generations, the survey also revealed - a much higher proportion than in the US or Europe.

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