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Podcast: Independent media agency founders talk Covid-19

05 May 2020  |  John Reynolds 
Podcast: Independent media agency founders talk Covid-19

In this week's Media and Marketing Podcast, host John Reynolds speaks with Ben Hayes, co-founder of Goodstuff Communications, and Henry Daglish, founder of Bountiful Cow.

Between them the pair discuss all things Covid-19, including the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had both on themselves personally and on their agencies, as well as the changes we are likely to see once "normality" returns.


The Media & Marketing Podcast is a journalistic proposition, supported by Mediatel News.

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DavidWiggin, Chairman,Founder, Ptarmigan Media on 6 May 2020
“Thank you John Reynolds for an excellent couple of interviews with Ben and Henry. Great questions and good answers by both on all questions except, in my view, on the furlough issue. What is becoming very clear to me is that too many companies are accepting Government money by furloughing staff when they don't have to and I believe that both your interviewees are guilty of doing that as I'm sure that both Companies will make a good profit in 2020, despite the situation. At Ptarmigan Media, we employ 120 people globally and we are very proud to say that we haven't furloughed any staff or made anyone redundant. We can do this because we have deliberately built up a healthy balance sheet over a number of years for 'rainy day' situations like we are all now in, so that we can protect our business , staff and clients.
Keep well and best wishes, David”


22 May 2020 

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