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Consumer ABCs: Men's Lifestyle

Consumer ABCs: Men's Lifestyle

Mediatel Connected has compiled the latest ABC consumer magazine data for the period to Dec 2020 in the following table for the Men's Lifestyle market. To further investigate the data, subscribers can visit the Press app in Mediatel Connected.


Men's Lifestyle Magazines: Dec End 2020 Comparisons
Print & Digital (Gross) Total Print Circulation Total Digital Circulation
Title Publisher Dec end 20 % PoP % YoY Dec end 20 % PoP % YoY Dec end 20 % PoP % YoY
Total 318,329 247,210 71,119
Men's Health Hearst UK 97,697 n/a -18.8 81,952 n/a -26.3 15,745 n/a 74.9
GQ Conde Nast Publications Ltd 95,298 n/a -7.0 81,113 n/a -13.1 14,185 n/a 54.9
Wired Conde Nast Publications Ltd 48,087 n/a -3.9 42,219 n/a -3.5 5,868 n/a -6.5
BBC Science Focus Immediate Media Company 45,132 n/a 1.0 32,782 n/a -17.9 12,350 n/a 159.1
T3 Future Publishing Ltd 32,115 n/a -6.9 9,144 n/a -39.1 22,971 n/a 18.0
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