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Vevo on setting the mood

Vevo on setting the mood

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James Cornish, VP international sales at Vevo talks about the launch of Moods and the company’s mission to serve non-linear audiences with premium music video content

Tell us a bit about the science behind Moods, a new product from Vevo

Moods uses AI to group music videos, based on their emotional sensibility, to improve ad targeting and ensure resulting ads contextually align with viewers’ mindsets.

We have a massive library of over 500,000 music videos. We worked with a music data company called Musixmatch to analyse Vevo’s top videos based on the energy and tone of each song. A proprietary model then assigns a mood to each Vevo video’s metadata tag for seamless contextual targeting.

How important for advertisers is the synergy between ad creative and the mood it evokes with the music video it surrounds?

The feedback we’ve had to-date shows that contextual alignment is really important and that this is a great way to tap into emotions stirred up by music videos in order to land relevant messaging.

We also know that contextual targeting improves ad recall, brand favourability and other similar metrics.

Those ‘moods’ currently available through Vevo are ‘fun’, ‘heartfelt’, ‘impassioned’ or ’empowering’. We assume this is just the beginning?

Absolutely, these four moods are positive ones to start with and affect a lot of things people do, including the content we consume and the ads we engage with.

It’s a jumping off point to help us add layers of contextual targeting that will continue for sure. Additional moods and features are in development to evolve Moods, which will be rolled out in the coming months.

How important is consumer trust in the brand environment for contextual targeting and content alignment?

It’s very important. Trust builds an audience. Brands need to utilise environments and partners that embody consumer trust in order to drive an authentic experience. If trust in the environment doesn’t exist, then there’s nothing to tap into, as consumers won’t associate it with being contextually relevant.

How does Moods fit within other advertising formats offered by Vevo?

We have a full suite of advertising products including localisation, plus artist and genre targeting. Moods adds additional value. It’s another data-led way of extracting more from our content by aligning ad messaging with the way a music video makes consumers feel.

How important is reach and scale, especially amongst hard-to-reach demographics?

That’s the beauty of music videos. They speak to those hard-to-reach audiences and our generational data allows us to speak to advertisers about reach and scale in a language they understand. The audio visual music market is incredibly fragmented and audiences have eroded away from traditional television.

Streaming has become front-and-centre of the new media mix and younger generations have migrated in huge numbers to the kind of premium content found on Vevo.

Does Vevo have an involvement with breaking new artists, as well as curating music videos?

Yes, we have a content and programming team, who work directly with our artist and label partners. The overarching objectives of Vevo are two-fold. Firstly, to maximise the commercial value of official music videos, and secondly, to market and promote music videos globally.

With the latter goal, we create original content formats that help new artists to break through and connect them to an audience, as well as established artists to create promotional content for an album tour or new release.

Finally, most recently you launched Vevo Pop on Samsung TV Plus in the UK. What’s the strategy behind this move?

We’re seeing an explosion of consumption across connected television, which is bringing music video consumption back into people’s living rooms in a move that hasn’t been seen since the MTV generation days of the early Nineties.

As a result, a lot of our distribution strategy is through CTV. The Vevo Pop channel for Samsung TV Plus in the UK is enabling a mainstream audience, who prioritise streaming as their preferred way to access music video content, to watch it in the living room environment.

It’s an exciting journey for us to grow rapidly into this CTV space and serve an audience that is moving away from linear TV with premium exclusive entertainment content.

Interact and learn more about Moods (and the examples of videos that fall under each mood) at

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