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Mike Fletcher 

Talon shifts to audience-led approach for DOOH

Talon shifts to audience-led approach for DOOH

Talon Outdoor has shifted its digital Out of Home trading approach to be fully audience-led and much more aligned to a conventional media channel, in a move it believes will simplify rather than commodify OOH buying.

The new approach focuses exclusively on delivering an omni-channel view of audiences, ensuring the ability to reach and activate target demographics across OOH is conducted in the same way as via social and other online channels.

Talon, which handles OOH media for agency clients including those within Omnicom Media Group and Havas Media Group, believes that the shift away from pricing based on OOH site assets will allow planners to more easily assess the value of DOOH compared to other media.

Using the common language of CPM will also make it simpler to integrate OOH and amplify outcomes, Talon told Mediatel News.

Phil Dack, Talon’s accountability and performance director, said: “It is important to recognise in OOH that not all formats and locations possess the same value. Our new approach enables us to trade the value of audiences for clients and enables us to change the supply in less demanded day-parts and across towns and cities as we negotiate audience behaviour changes.

“We can demonstrate a more consistent weight of audience delivery in places like London, particularly with the proliferation of new digital locations, to better follow the audience to environments like malls and local high-streets, rather than be driven by invisible factors dictated by location and environment.”

Shenney O’Hara, investment director, Talon, added: “We will now be updating our trading approach to be fully audience-led and much more aligned to a conventional media channel and digital approach. This will simplify the process and enable clients to better understand the value they’re getting from a digital OOH plan, whilst reinforcing the true value of Talon’s independent specialist offer and be market leading in terms of engaging media owners to alter the language of OOH.”

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