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Mike Fletcher 

TikTok launches Spark Ads

TikTok launches Spark Ads

TikTok has launched Spark Ads, enabling brands to amplify existing videos that fit campaign objectives.

The native advertising format allows brands to insert either account content or creator posts (with their authorisation) plus ‘Duet’ features into campaign creative.

It’s a solution particularly suited for brands intending to partner with influencers and creators to grow a TikTok fanbase, address unintended clicks and close the gap between clicks and conversions, and promote artists and songs on TikTok.

According to TikTok’s own data, when tested, Spark Ads have shown performance lift in video view metrics, engagement metrics, conversion and cost metrics.

“Standing in between organic content and advertising, Spark Ads make up a hybrid format that delivers unique value to both businesses and users,” a TikTok statement read.

“The native styles and features of Spark Ads harmoniously blend with TikTok's vibe, helping businesses achieve fully native and authentic ad experiences, higher campaign results at a lower cost, and ongoing marketing impact in the TikTok community.”

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