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Mediatel News Staff 

Channel 4 launches RTB ads marketplace for All4

Channel 4 launches RTB ads marketplace for All4

Channel 4 has launched All 4 Private Marketplace, a platform that will enable brands to buy digital advertising space around streaming service All 4 via a private programmatic auction.

The move means Channel 4 would be the first UK broadcaster to enable advertisers to buy digital ad space on All 4 programmatically using real-time bidding (RTB).

RTB enables ad space to be auctioned in milliseconds – from the time a user clicks on a video to the moment a video ad is loaded – during which time the highest bidding advertiser’s campaign is chosen. The ad creative is then served to that user.

Channel 4 said its All 4 Private Marketplace allows advertisers to easily target All 4 viewers in a number of different ways including by the genre they are viewing or their demographics  across all connected TV devices, mobile and desktop. Brands can also quickly upweight their investment of campaigns based on their performance or objectives in real-time.

M4RKETS, Channel 4’s programmatic suite of products, already allows brands to buy All 4 inventory in advance for a fixed price.

Channel 4 has opted to partner with The Trade Desk as its demand side platform (DSP), while supply side platform (SSP) Freewheel and is set to be integrated with Google’s DSP DV360 in the coming weeks, the broadcaster said.

Deliveroo, Dentsu International, MIQ, Omnicom Media Group UK and Publicis Media were also announced as launch clients and agency groups.

All 4 Private Marketplace is now available to all advertisers and agency groups and supports Channel 4’s Future4 strategy to deliver 30% of total revenues from digital advertising by 2025.

'Nice way of buying TV'

The UK Information Commissioner's Office launched an investigation into RTB in 2019 over concerns that internet users' privacy is being compromised through the way data is processed in real-time auctions.

Typically brands will program their demand-side platforms to offer bids based on how well a publisher's platform and content fits with the brand's target ad audience. An ad exchange will request bids from different DSPs and send the DSPs a glut of information to inform the value of the bid.

Simon Akers, Media & Performance Strategist and Founder of growth consultancy Archmon, told Mediatel News that the language and perception of RTB could be a source of concern because of the expectations of "performance-first brands and squeezed agencies".

"Whatever the buying mechanism, it is important to remember the leading role of TV, despite its targetable qualities and addressability, is to grow the brand and generate reach and fame," Akers said.

"The fear that talks of integrations and programmatic tech underpinning it will put lofty expectations on the performance which, all said and done, is just a nice way of buying TV.

"That said, if used properly and planned diligently, All4s RTB suite will prove a great, efficient way for advertisers to reach their typically 16-34 audiences."

FreeWheel's Jamie Caras, Senior Regional Director & Head of Commercial Strategy, UK & Ireland, insisted the new market place would be a "brand-safe, programmatic environment for premium video publishers"

He said: "We believe that FreeWheel’s Private Market Place functionality will allow Channel 4 to maximise its revenue opportunities whilst protect data and ensure compliance as the partnership continues to develop over the coming years." 

Verica Djurdjevic, Chief Revenue Officer at Channel 4, added: “The launch of All 4 private marketplace represents the next generation of broadcaster digital ad innovation offering brands complete flexibility to advertise around high quality content on All 4 and improved access to our young engaged viewers."




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