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22 Sep 2020  |  Arif Durrani 
Partner content: Bloomberg's Arif Durrani explains how the most successful companies are continuing to transform despite the uncertainty of a global pandemic.
21 Sep 2020  |  Dominic Mills 
Dominic Mills reaches for his Farrow & Ball colour chart as he considers skin tones, Elephant's Breath and what it all means for industry awards.
16 Sep 2020  |  Raymond Snoddy 
Ray Snoddy runs through the numbers published in the BBC’s Annual Report and what it means for the future of the public service broadcaster.

Industry News

23 Sep 2020 
ABC has resumed releasing public circulation figures for UK newsbrands for first time since the nation went into lockdown, and unsurprisingly, circulation has dropped significantly across the board.
23 Sep 2020 
Social platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have agreed to adopt a common set of definitions for hate speech and other harmful content.
21 Sep 2020 
Comscore has partnered with Samba TV to harness ACR-based viewing insights from Smart TVs to demonstrate ad exposure and match that against business outcomes like purchase behaviour.

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