14 Nov 2018  |  Raymond Snoddy 
For the pro-Brexit press, events could leave them facing ever more extreme contortions to explain to their readers the difference between what was promised and the unfortunate reality.
14 Nov 2018  |  Daniel Wilkinson 
It may seem self-evident to those in the creative department, but too often people neglect the importance of their message and their creative, writes Daniel Wilkinson.
14 Nov 2018  |  Matt Hill 
Adland has broken out in a rash of effectiveness studies, and they all point in a similar direction. Will they be listened to, asks Thinkbox’s Matt Hill.

Industry News

15 Nov 2018 
October was a miserable month for newspaper circulation, with both national markets and the London free press recording period on period (PoP) and year on year (YoY) declines.
15 Nov 2018 
'The Age of Television' combines findings from a quantitative survey of 6,000 people in the UK with qualitative analysis of 150 days of TV and video viewing, filmed through camera glasses worn by 30 people.
15 Nov 2018 
Bauer Media is to launch a new national radio brand aimed at 40-59-year olds. Expect: Blondie, Queen, Madonna, Fleetwood Mac.
14 Nov 2018 
Buhlmann will be replaced by Dentsu's executive chairman Tim Andree, who will maintain both titles. The surprise announcement was made as part of Dentsu's third quarter results.
14 Nov 2018 
UK businesses will spend almost six and a half billion pounds on seasonal advertising during the final quarter of this year, amid tough challenges on the high street.
13 Nov 2018 
Stevenson takes over from Jon Priest, who stood down in July to join the main investor board as a non-executive director.

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