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The 2015 Mary Meeker report: Four questions every marketer should ask

04 Jun 2015  |  Pete Buckley 
The 2015 Mary Meeker report: Four questions every marketer should ask

Mary Meeker's Internet Trends 2015 presentation has been described as the "digital gospel", setting out where we are digitally and where we're going. It's very easy to get lost in 197 slides of stats, so we've boiled it down to four simple questions which marketers should be asking their agencies as a result:

1. Where's my vertical TV ad?

Mary highlighted that in the US 29% of all time spent watching video content is on vertical screens, up from just 5% 5 years ago. This is a significant change in how video is consumed, and likely to shift even further given that we hold our phones vertically 90% of the time. Everyone knows that turning your phone to watch a video is a hassle we could all do without.

In addition to being more convenient, it seems that vertical video is also more effective. Recent data from Snapchat has shown that vertical video ads deliver 9x more completed views on mobile. If your agency is only creating a horizontal video ad, you're potentially missing out on almost a third of the market. Ask them where your vertical TV ad is.

2. What's my buy button?

Over the last year or so Facebook, Twitter and Google have all launched the option of adding buy buttons to ads. These buttons allow immediate purchase, removing friction from action in the moment of interest.

But it's not just buy buttons. Facebook has added the option for a host of different buttons - from call, to sign-up, to book - all shortening the purchase journey and removing effort.

Ads are becoming transactional while social mentions are the new point of sale. How's your agency looking to use this technology on your next campaign? Ask them, what's my buy button?

3. How's the brand embedding into messaging services?

Messaging apps are now dominating the industry, with six out of 10 of the most used apps providing messaging services. According to a recent Juniper report, instant messaging is set to account for 75% of all mobile messaging traffic by 2018.

While most of the major messaging apps still don't allow advertising, some brands have already been utilising the channel. Last year Hellman's mayonnaise offered a service where chefs could give tips and sort out problems over WhatsApp, called WhatsCook.

It may take a little creative thought about how to use messaging services for brands but that's no excuse for agencies ignoring the channel. Challenge them, how is this brand going to embed itself into messaging services?

4. What does my super short TV ad look like?

50% of Facebook users now watch video on a daily basis. Given the scale of Facebook this ladders up to over 4 billion video views in the last quarter, a 4x increase on six months ago.

While we must remember that the majority of these videos will have played automatically, and therefore the definition of a view is loose, it still indicates a shift in where video viewing is happening at scale.

Indeed, recent Facebook research by Nielsen has shown that ads 3-10 seconds long can still impact brand metrics. If your agency is still stuck in the land of 30", ask them where your super short version is, without one budget is likely to be wasted and effectiveness curtailed.

Pete Buckley is head of strategy at MEC

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