Kinetic to transform OOH media with interactive initiative

07 Jan 2016  |  Ellen Hammett 
Kinetic to transform OOH media with interactive initiative

WPP-owned agency Kinetic Worldwide, in partnership with Endeavour Media, is to begin offering clients 'customisable interaction' with all out-of-home inventory, in a move which could help transform the sector.

Through the implementation of 'hidden codes' tagged within the creative, advertisers will be able to link campaigns with mobile devices, where consumers will then be able to interact with additional branded content - from being directed to m-commerce sites and customised video, to gaining access to discounts.

Serving both traditional and digital out-of-home media, brands will also be able to update the tags within the creative throughout the campaign to activate different pieces of content at different days and times, or in response to environmental triggers.

"With our new initiative, we advance the ability of brands to make powerful connections with people on the move," said Mauricio Sabogal, global CEO of Kinetic Worldwide.

"At Kinetic we are continually evolving to ensure we deliver the most relevant connections with clear and measurable outcomes, and our partnership with Endeavour Media is a major step forward in that evolution. We're enabling OOH to be the backbone of communication strategies."

Endeavour Media's CEO, Babak Monfared, said the development will help bring advertisers one step closer to bridging the gap between online and offline worlds.

"Our platform has a multi-pronged approach that can utilise all mobile tagging forms," said Monfared.

"This enables brands to have complete flexibility and ease in how they engage audiences via OOH and mobile, and to select the most optimal methods for achieving their campaign goals. Any offline encounter can be converted into a mobile engagement."

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