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Study reveals impact magazines have on brand growth

27 May 2016  |  Newsline Staff 
Study reveals impact magazines have on brand growth

Magazine media delivers a 1.15% increase in salience, new research has found - as well as being the most cost-effective channel for building brands. The figure comes closely behind TV (1.22%), with online video coming out on top with a 2.41% increase.

The study, conducted by Magnetic and Millward Brown, found that magazines score highly across five key metrics needed to drive brand growth - meets needs, brand affinity, uniqueness, sets trends and saliency.

Magazines delivered a +1.77% uplift in brand impact on consumers and a 1.53% uplift in achieving brand affinity - and were also found to be the second-best channel, behind cinema, for being a 'targeted, premium channel' that contributes to 'uniqueness'.

"In this fast changing media landscape, we were interested in understanding the sweet spot in terms of magazine media's contribution to brand growth," Magnetic CEO, Sue Todd, said.

"The data undoubtedly shows that the medium excels at helping brands differentiate, which in turn has a profound effect on growth. We recommend the marketing and media community consider how brands need to go beyond just being noticed and to make better use of the most cost effective channel for driving brand impact."

The aptly named Graham Page, executive vice president and head of global research solutions, Millward Brown, added: "We know meaningfully different brands can charge more but the new news is that these factors also magnify share growth and repeat purchase.

"We encourage brands to look at the way being different can generate sustained growth and consider the significant impact magazines have across all of the attributes which help build brand equity."

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