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Online ABCs: Brexit helps Indy boost web traffic by 44%

21 Jul 2016  |  Ellen Hammett 
Online ABCs: Brexit helps Indy boost web traffic by 44%

The run-up to the EU Referendum was no doubt responsible for the huge spike in web traffic for the majority of online news sites - with the Independent coming out on top.

Following a -7% drop in traffic the previous month, the Independent online was up by almost 44% in June - the biggest increase in traffic of all online news sites by far. The website - no longer accompanied by a print counterpart - now attracts almost 4.4 million unique visitors a day.

The Evening Standard's website also had a good month, up 34.5%, alongside Telegraph online which was up 29.5%.

MailOnline and remain the most popular news platforms by a long shot - with an 8% increase in web traffic taking MailOnline above the 15 million mark and a 15.5% increase seeing the Guardian average 10.3 million browsers a day.

Similarly, the Sun was up 15.4% and up 18.7%.

With a little more than 5 million daily visitors, Trinity Mirror Nationals maintained its place as the fourth most-visited news platform after an 8.4% increase in traffic.

Of the top 10 performing online news sites, only recorded a decline in web traffic, down -9%.

Site June 16 daily average unique browsers May 16 daily average unique browsers Actual change % change
MailOnline 15,053,614 13,954,521 1,099,093 7.88 10,304,181 8,923,129 1,381,052 15.48
Telegraph 5,623,053 4,342,570 1,280,483 29.49
Trinity Mirror Nationals 5,032,799 4,643,612 389,187 8.38
The Independent 4,382,722 3,048,377 1,334,345 43.77
The Sun 2,730,920 2,367,137 363,783 15.37 1,851,337 1,559,744 291,593 18.69
Metro 1,346,565 1,207,841 138,724 11.49 818,188 899,259 -81,071 -9.02 747,713 712,021 35,692 5.01
Evening Standard 725,888 539,880 186,008 34.45 524,549 584,619 -60,070 -10.28
Wales Online 392,220 286,568 105,652 36.87
Birmingham Mail 239,863 206,684 33,179 16.05
Newcastle 237,111 258,661 -21,550 -8.33
Teesside Evening Gazette 106,074 114,725 -8,651 -7.54
Daily Post (Wales) 81,423 83,187 -1,764 -2.12
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 66,281 55,866 10,415 18.64
Coventry Telegraph 62,938 57,115 5,823 10.20
Source: ABC
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