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Consumer ABCs: Men's Lifestyle

09 Feb 2017  |  Ellen Hammett 
Consumer ABCs: Men's Lifestyle

Compared with other parts of the magazine market, men's lifestyle is showing some buoyancy, with the majority of titles remaining fairly stable between July and December.

Esquire had a good half-year and was the only title that managed to increase its circulation both over the period (+0.6%) and the year (+11%). It now has a combined print and digital presence of more than 65,000.

Men's Health was also in fairly good shape, with a 1.1% period-on-period increase securing its position as the second-most popular title with a circulation of 182,000. However, in line with most of the magazine market, the title was down -6.5% year-on-year.

The same can't be said for other fitness mags, however, with Healthy for Men (-27.4% YoY) and Men's Fitness (-16.8% YoY) looking a little body conscious at bottom of the market with much smaller - and dwindling - circulations.

Free title Shortlist remains the best-performing men's lifestyle mag by far with a circulation of almost 505,000. It was down by just -0.22% PoP and -0.16% YoY.

Similarly, despite both period (-1.3%) and yearly (-3.7%) declines, GQ kept its place as the third-most popular title with a circulation of a little over 115,500.

Meanwhile, tech mag Wired - which is obviously only read by men - recorded the biggest period-on-period circulation decline at -2%; however, it still manages a solid print and digital presence of more than 53,000.

And whatever stuff Stuff is doing doesn't seem to be working, with the Haymarket title down -10.3% over the year.

Men's Lifestyle Magazines: Jul - Dec 2016 Comparisons
Print & Digital (Gross) Total Print Circulation Total Digital Circulation
Title Publisher Jul - Dec 16 % PoP % YoY Jul - Dec 16 % PoP % YoY Jul - Dec 16 % PoP % YoY
Shortlist Shortlist Media Ltd 504,740 -0.22 -0.16 504,740 -0.22 -0.16 n/a n/a n/a
Men's Health Hearst-Rodale 182,026 1.08 -6.50 172,147 1.66 -8.15 9,879 -8.14 36.17
GQ Conde Nast Publications Ltd 115,521 -1.30 -3.74 106,126 -1.27 -3.11 9,395 -1.55 -10.31
FS Magazine Haymarket Network 100,467 -0.95 -4.29 100,467 -0.95 -4.29 n/a n/a n/a
Esquire Hearst Magazines UK 65,091 0.59 10.93 58,319 0.59 7.64 6,772 0.53 50.56
Square Mile Square Up Media 59,280 0.02 -0.16 59,280 0.02 -0.16 n/a n/a n/a
BBC Focus Immediate Media Company 58,368 n/a -7.67 52,012 n/a -8.77 6,356 n/a 2.43
Stuff Haymarket Consumer Media 56,183 n/a -10.29 44,097 n/a -12.51 12,086 n/a -1.09
Wired Conde Nast Publications Ltd 53,020 -1.99 -1.92 46,999 -0.51 1.03 6,021 -12.15 -20.17
T3 Future Publishing Ltd 43,125 n/a -3.97 25,851 n/a -2.51 17,274 n/a -6.07
Men's Fitness Dennis Publishing Limited 25,807 n/a -16.75 24,184 n/a -21.98 1,623 n/a n/a
Healthy for Men River Publishing Ltd 19,011 n/a -27.43 19,011 n/a -27.43 n/a n/a n/a
Total n/a 1,282,639 n/a n/a 1,213,233 n/a n/a 69,406 n/a n/a
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