It's time for publishers to embrace AI

26 Apr 2017  |  Newsline Staff 

Artificial intelligence is already making waves in the media planning and buying process, and advertisers are increasingly using it too - and now it seems it is the turn for publishers to benefit from the technology.

AI-specialists Ezoic think digital publishers are allowing a "matrix of information" about their users to pass them by, and that AI and algorithm-based tech will help them make use of everything they know about their users.

This, according to Ezoic's chief customer officer, John Cole, will ultimately result in the two things publishers continue to chase: better user experience and increased ad revenue.

At a time when many publishers have their backs against the wall, this could be the solution newsbrands and magazines have been searching for.

In the video interview above, Cole explains in depth how new technologies can help monetise audiences - and what he thinks publishers should be doing to fight back.


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