Fraudulent ad impressions to be blocked pre-purchase

01 Sep 2017  |  Scarlett O'Donoghue 
Fraudulent ad impressions to be blocked pre-purchase

White Ops and The Trade Desk are to pool their tech to scan ad impressions before they are purchased in a major new effort to cut out ad fraud.

White Ops’ human verification technology will aim to ensure that there is a human on the other end of every impression served on The Trade Desk, protecting advertisers and agencies from a what has turned into a multi-billion dollar criminal problem.

“For too long, invalid traffic has been part of our industry,” said Jeff Green, CEO and co-founder of The Trade Desk.

“There’s no level of fraud that is acceptable. Our partnership with White Ops means that we are the first advertising platform to block non-human impressions at the front door.”

As part of the initiative, White Ops and The Trade Desk will scan every biddable ad impression in real-time. This practice is common with high frequency trading in the financial markets where every millisecond of efficiency counts.

When a non-human impression is identified by White Ops, The Trade Desk will block that impression from serving. The intent is this technology will be applied to every impression The Trade Desk bids on that runs through White Ops, on a global basis.

“With this historic partnership, the industry is coming together to take a stand against ad fraud,” said Sandeep Swadia, CEO of White Ops.

"This is the first time that White Ops’ Human Verification technology is being used to prevent fraud across an entire buy-side platform. This is a game changer.”


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