New Quantcast planning tool offers advertisers live data

07 Sep 2017  |  Newsline Staff 
New Quantcast planning tool offers advertisers live data

Quantcast has launched a new planning tool this week that the adtech business says is a first-of-its-kind: a platform that allows advertisers to explore real-time behavioural insights from more than 150m online destinations.

Dubbed Audience Insights, and currently in beta, the tool lets advertisers tap into a global dataset of online consumer behaviour, enabling them to build a real-time picture of their audience and plan targeted ad campaigns.

“This launch directly tackles one of the biggest flaws in campaign planning today: bad data," said Ben Murphy, UK managing director, Quantcast.

"Traditional audience planning techniques including panels capture a fraction of consumer behaviour and are often out of date. This results in budgets going to waste through poorly targeted campaigns.

"Good data driven by live insights enables brands to create much more meaningful and relevant experiences for consumers and engage them earlier in their buying journey where they can have greater impact."

Audience Insights draws data from 150 million online destinations measured by Quantcast, including 500 of the world’s top 1,000 websites, including news publishers and entertainment sites.

Quantcast said the data represents the 70 percent of time consumers spend online outside of search engines and social networks, much of which is "currently being ignored by brands".

With this new tool, Quantcast said advertisers now have a more complete picture of how consumers spend the majority of their time online.


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