ITV to launch linear addressable advertising

09 Nov 2017  |  David Pidgeon 
ITV to launch linear addressable advertising

Big news from ITV this week: the UK's largest commercial broadcaster is to deploy new technology that will enable it to deliver addressable ad campaigns across its linear broadcaster channels from early next year.

The news, announced on Thursday evening during the broadcaster's annual Gala, means ITV will have the capability deliver "dynamically personalised ads" on its channels using adtech from Sorenson Media.

The technology works only on connected 'smart' TVs - and it appears viewers can opt out - and combines the targeting and measurement of addressable advertising with the scale and reach of ITV’s TV channel portfolio.

The tech will use anonymised targeting data to deliver ads that are relevant to their interests, demographics and lifestyle.

For advertisers this could mean a family household with children could see an ad for a people-carrier whilst a younger couple may see an ad for a sporty hatchback.

Alternatively, a car ad could be augmented with the address of the local dealership or with a special offer tailored to the viewer.

ITV also announced it would attract smaller businesses with the launch of the new self-serve platform for ITV Hub - which will go live in the first quarter of 2018.

“This partnership with Sorenson Media is the first step in allowing us to deliver to advertisers the best of both worlds - TV’s unique ability to deliver mass audiences alongside more data driven targeting,” said Kelly Williams, managing director, ITV Commercial.

ITV said viewers who give permission during a software update on their smart TV will be able to receive addressable advertising.


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