O2: TV and OOH budgets are now "ring-fenced"

24 Jan 2018  |  Ellen Hammett 
O2: TV and OOH budgets are now "ring-fenced"

A testament to the power of legacy media, O2's head of creative and media said that TV and out-of-home budgets are "ring-fenced", with 10-15% of the brand's overall spend currently allocated to outdoor.

Speaking at Mediatel's inaugural Out-of-Home Summit on Tuesday, Simon Valcarcel said no other channels give O2 the same scale, fame and high awareness that OOH and TV do - and that the money they invest in OOH will only increase in future.

"Over the last couple of years [our OOH budget] has increased, particularly as we’ve started to prove effectiveness and driving footfall," Valcarcel said.

"TV and OOH are ring-fenced. We see ourselves as a brand that should be in all the stature sites; we view ourselves as a superbrand and we like to behave in that way with our media choices."

Indeed, a new report published today from Rapport and the IPA reveals that using out-of-home within advertising campaigns increases market share growth by 36%, boosts profit growth by 20% and brand fame by 32%, and attracts 15% more new customers compared to campaigns that shun the medium.

Where Valcarcel thinks the industry could do better, however, is in suburban areas, where he said OOH sites are often neglected.

"It’s a bit of a bugbear of mine, but as soon as you get out of cities and go out into the sticks a bit, the out-of-home inventory just looks a bit unloved and a bit tired," he said.

"We need to improve the quality of our suburban inventory."

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