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Brands must adapt as consumers reject defining life events

28 Aug 2018  |  Michaela Jefferson 
Brands must adapt as consumers reject defining life events

After decades spent specifically targeting consumers during defining live events, new research suggests that advertisers need to update their targeting methods as Brits increasingly move away from traditional family structures and life stages.

According to OMD UK's 'Future of Britain' research, nearly a quarter of surveyed Brits now never expect to get married, rising to 30% among 18-24 year olds.

With house prices on the rise, 17% of respondents never expect to be able to buy a property; meanwhile 18% never expect to be able to retire, including three in 10 18-24 year olds.

Furthermore, the research found that, on average, Brits now start their first job aged 24, up almost a year and a half since 2013.

Also continuing to rise is the average age at which British adults are having their first child, up from 29.6 in 2013 to 32.3.

"It's been fascinating to implement this study and really get under the skin of Britain today," said Sarah Gale, head of insight, OMD UK.

"Britain is evolving at lightning speed; these life stage evolutions we've discovered are happening over the course of just a few years, not generations. For brands, media and advertisers to assume that they know the process and the timing of different life events can be dangerous, and something that should be regularly monitored."

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