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Publicis Media injects £2.5 million into UK start-ups

09 Oct 2018  |  Michaela Jefferson 
Publicis Media injects £2.5 million into UK start-ups

Since launching in 2015, Publicis Media's innovation practice - NextTECHnow (NTN) - has contributed a total of £2.5 million into the UK adtech community by connecting brands to marcomm start-ups.

Clients of Publicis Media have invested over £1 million so far this year, with average project investment up by over 120%. According to founder and global lead Jim Kite, 54 campaigns have been activated in 2018, representing a 60% year-on-year increase.

"NTN is experiencing its most successful year ever," said Kite - who is judging the Future TV Start-ups session at Mediatel Events' Future TV Advertising Forum in December this year.

"Our clients' appetite to test new platforms and technologies is definitely growing, in line with the number of exciting new solutions that we are able to bring to them."

In one recent case study, TrustFord - a client of Spark Foundry, one of Publicis Media's six agencies - partnered with VISYON, an immersive experience company, via NTN.

Working with the client on its campaign to launch a new Ford Focus, VISYON created an AR showroom experience via a native app, which revealed additional information and features through markers placed around the car.

According to Publicis, TrustFord are now reviewing the app for all new product launches going forward.

"At TrustFord we take pride in testing new innovation to help drive the standard in customer care," said Julia Greenhough, marketing director at TrustFord.

"The marketing team really enjoyed working in collaboration with Spark Foundry and VISYON on the project. Its simplicity of use helped colleagues and customers engage and interact in a new and different way when we launched the product."

Christian Burne, commercial director, VISYON UK added: "VISYON is delighted to have supported the NTN team and Trust Ford on this initiative. In this era of accelerated technology, increased user mobility and the implications of 5G connectivity, AR tools like this will become less of a surprise for consumers and more of an expectation."

Other brands that have worked with NTN thus far include Nestle, Visa, Kraft Heinz, Cineworld and P&O Ferries.

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