Podcast: Tortoise Media, FT and Accenture Interactive

09 Nov 2018  |  John Reynolds 
Podcast: Tortoise Media, FT and Accenture Interactive

In this week's Media and Marketing podcast, host John Reynolds interviews Katie Vanneck-Smith, publisher of the slow news venture Tortoise Media, to discuss why she thinks Tortoise will be a success, its business model and why it's ad free, subscription targets, Google and the current newspaper market.

Plus: Reynolds catches up with FT media editor Matthew Garrahan and David Billings, head of programmatic, Accenture Interactive, at the recent AOP digital publishing summit in London.

In two short interviews, Garrahan talks Sorrell and journalist awards, whilst Billings discusses the future of media agencies.

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The Media & Marketing Podcast is a journalistic proposition, supported by Mediatel Newsline.

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