Improving the clarity of mail performance for brands

14 Feb 2019  |  Tara Pickles 
Improving the clarity of mail performance for brands

Sponsor content: JICMAIL attended the Future of Brands to talk about how the new currency can support customer outcomes through the use of econometrics. Tara Pickles explains.

The need for accurate media measurement came across clearly at Mediatel’s Future of Brands event. With his opening statement, Michael Karg talked about ‘creating clarity for clients’ and with the proliferation of channels, it is vital to be able to benchmark how those channels are performing.

One of the most interesting speakers, Sam Day, Chief Marketing Officer,, was clear that ‘everything has to prove itself’ and that there is a need for each element of the media mix to contribute to brand performance. To know which elements are performing, you need robust, transparent and well-researched data, a theme we were also there to discuss.

JICMAIL provides an objective, transparent and robust data set of the actions taken with direct mail, door drops and business mail in the home. So now you are able to see what happens to your mail after it lands on the door mat. This information is crucial for understanding mail journeys – and it is a gold-standard JIC, offering JIC transparency, reliability and trust.

Some of the findings are impressive: 45% of direct mail is still live in the home after 28 days, effectively acting as a reminder of your brand and message; 31% of mail drives a commercial action, showing the increased activity that can come from a well-targeted, well-executed mail campaign. The data for door drops shows a similar pattern: 15% of door drops are still live in the home after four weeks and 10% drive a commercial action

We were at Future of Brands to talk about how JICMAIL can support customer outcomes through the use of econometrics. To determine best practice, we asked Louise Cook, econometric expert from Holmes & Cook, to consider the insights from JICMAIL data and advise how this new detailed information could be used.

Louise concluded that knowing what happens to mail inside the home is extremely valuable for econometric analysis. Louise believes significant new information on such a major channel will better inform the hypothesis. As Louise said JICMAIL helps us to “walk in the shoes of different consumers in different product categories. Important information when considering how best to incorporate mail in models”.

The research will shortly be published and Louise will be speaking at the ‘Planning with JICMAIL in a multichannel world’ event on 27th March 2019. Over 40 media agencies, direct agencies and advertisers are now signed up to use the insights from JICMAIL to better inform their use and planning of mail.

Advertisers can access JICMAIL data for a free subscription period. If you’d like to see the value of JICMAIL data or attend our event, please contact or go to

Tara Pickles is Customer Support Manager, JICMAIL

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