Data reveals the targeting opportunities around top TV shows

08 Apr 2019  |  Newsline Staff 
Data reveals the targeting opportunities around top TV shows

Cat-owning country music fans who love Asian cuisine are significantly more likely to be tuning into the new series of Game of Thrones this month than the rest of the general population, according to new data analysed by The Trade Desk.

The data, drawn from cookie data of users who frequently view sites relating to popular TV shows, reveals some unexpected characteristics held by fans, which The Trade Desk claims may open up some interesting opportunities for brands to target and engage with viewers.

Whilst Game of Thrones fans are 23 times more likely to be cat-owners and 15 times more likely to be fans of country music than the general population, they are also 22 times more likely to own a games console and 24 times more likely to follow car racing.

According to The Trade Desk, this highlights the importance of avoiding stereotypes when identifying audiences for ad campaigns.

Meanwhile, viewers of Netflix's sci-fi series Stranger Things are 38 times more likely to enjoy cycling than the general population, 25 times more likely to own a dog and 22 times more likely to be B2B decision makers, which could make them a "lucrative" audience for B2B businesses such as office suppliers.

Fans of historical drama The Crown are 17 times more likely to work in sales and 20 times more likely to spend a lot on corporate gifts than the general population, while viewers of crime drama Peaky Blinders are 27 times more likely to be vegan or vegetarian, 20 times more likely to buy organic food and 27 times more likely to work in finance or insurance.

“Brands may not be able to advertise on Netflix or HBO, but they can – and should - use insights like these to engage with the right audiences across other digital channels," said Anna Forbes, general manager UK at The Trade Desk.

"After all, from royal-loving salespeople to fitness fanatic crime drama devotees, our findings reveal just how important it is for brands to use data to inform accurate targeting – or risk missing out on valuable, unexpected audiences."

"But it’s not just about having access to reams of data," Forbes added. "Without the right tools in place to analyse and derive actionable insights from it, advertisers will simply be data drunk – and it’s value will be diminished."

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