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Amazon's Kirk returns to Zenith to bolster new management team

05 Jun 2019  |  Newsline Staff 
Amazon's Kirk returns to Zenith to bolster new management team

Richard Kirk has re-joined Zenith UK as managing partner, strategy & data. Kirk, who arrives from Amazon, will work alongside managing partners Sannah Rogers and Jon Stevens and head of investment, David Mulrenan.

Kirk spent the earlier part of his career leading the development of Zenith’s SEO offering, before moving into the strategy team, where he led global and UK strategy across key accounts.

The new management team, which sits under the leadership of CEO Natalie Cummins, will be charged with driving the agency’s client retention, growth and use of data tools.

Rogers and Stevens were both promoted to managing partner at the beginning of the year. Kirk’s appointment is the latest development in the UK management team set-up.

“I am thrilled to welcome back Rich Kirk’s strategic mind and practical understanding of the digital transformation space," said Cummins.

"Jon and Sannah are also first class communications leaders. Having worked in new business, client management and strategy, this team have a unique combination of skills. I’m really excited for what we can achieve.”

Commenting on his appointment, Kirk said: “It's fantastic to return to Zenith at such an exciting time for the agency - new home, new leadership and with a consistent focus on delivering great returns for our clients. Working at Amazon has been an incredible learning experience, and I hope I can introduce some of the best parts of their ‘peculiar’ approach to doing business into the agency environment.

"Given the talent we have at Zenith and the positivity resulting from the recent move, I'm looking forward to helping the team become more effective at delivering growth for our clients than ever before.”

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