Cannes Lions in 100 words

21 Jun 2019  |  Newsline Staff 
Cannes Lions in 100 words

Brand purpose. Brand bravery. Brand safety. Stools. Cargo shorts. More stools, with people in cargo shorts sitting on them. Drunk at breakfast. Storyliving the living shit out of this trip. Sitting on some more stools, on a yacht that never sails, saying things like "If you're not uncomfortable, you're not learning" and hoping to God it'll go viral on LinkedIn. Talking culture. Googling 'Zeitgeist'. Never Binging it. Posting beach shots. #ToughJob. #HardLife. Three likes. Dad dancing to Justice. Nix picking. Nano influencing. Helicopter rides. (All for the clients). Something about authenticity. Disruption. CRM street art. A Global Alliance for Responsible Media that had us crying with laughter...and wondering all the while, through rosé-tinted shades, how advertising stuff to people will help climate change.

That's our Cannes 2019 report - formed by a jaded committee of no less than ten people - in one paragraph.

Best Econometric Fact: For every £1 invested in advertising, £10 is spent on Cannes Lions

Best Insight: 'There's a real focus on creativity @Cannes_Lions #CannesLions2019 this year.'

Best Deal: Getting your shirt pressed for more than the cost of the shirt.

Best Brand Experience: Paying 9.5 Euros for a can of Coca-Cola.

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