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Millennials vs Grey Market whitepaper - updated version

Get the updated Connected Screens whitepaper, featuring data from H2 2017, which challenges the media industry's focus on Millennials by comparing their behaviour across screens with the often overlooked grey market. Simply complete the adjacent form to download.

Connected Screens is a unique, ongoing survey tracking the changing behaviour of how consumers interact with digital screens (television, PCs/laptops, tablets, smartphones and digital outdoor screens), their media consumption and exposure to advertising. This media neutral and consumer centric survey helps users reach the connected consumer in the most effective way and track emerging trends to anticipate new developments.

For every wave of data an analysis report summarising the significant insights is created to uncover the stories behind the numbers. These reports are essential for anyone who wants to understand the intricacies and implications of consumers' behaviour around different connected screens. Covering VOD, media players, advertising, e-commerce, social media and social TV across five screens including all the latest disrupters in these areas, it's the perfect basis for understanding this increasingly complex world.

You can also purchase the full 86 page H2 2016 report that is accompanied by 56 easy to use charts, graphics and tables in a presentation and covers:

  1. Introducing Connected Screens
  2. Headlines
  3. Screens & devices
  4. Media-related activity in past year
  5. What are TV screens actually used for?
  6. Broadcast television across screens
  7. Subscription services across screens
  8. Video genres
  9. Simultaneous screen usage: TV plus other screens
  10. Advertising and ad blocking
  11. E-commerce
  12. Social media

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To understand more about the fast moving connected marketplace, Mediatel Connected features the latest market data, consumer surveys and analysis to keep you ahead.
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