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David Pidgeon 

Study: Out of home driving smartphone brand actions

Study: Out of home driving smartphone brand actions

The first major study from the new out-of-home marketing body Outsmart has shown how the medium can drive a substantial uplift in smartphone 'brand actions'.

Working with Ipsos and OOH measurement body Route, the research investigated how public journeys can become "personal stories" among 16-44 year olds in the UK, culminating in a +17% uplift in smartphone brand actions - which translates as an online search query that includes the brand name or campaign tagline.

The results also show that this brand action uplift increases to 38% among the top 20 best performing campaigns within the study and even higher for the youngest audiences.

66% of smartphone actions are direct to the brand, such as a website visit, while 57% of respondents that took action were new or lapsed customers, which the authors of the study say highlights the power of OOH for brands seeking growth by reaching a wider group of consumers beyond the core buyer.

The study employed passive measurement and geo-location techniques to ensure "natural consumer behaviour" was captured from over 60,000 sites and more than 1,300 hours of OOH dwell time, 16,000 brand actions and over 150 hours of time with brands.

"Our study reveals a clear message; having OOH on your media plan will increase interaction with your brand via a smartphone," said Alan Brydon, CEO, Outsmart.

"We've shown that OOH is a gateway to personal time with brands, simultaneously driving brand interaction in the short term and all advertisers and agencies should want to learn more."

For more information, visit Outsmart's website.

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